Another Knee Update

Let’s recap the knee saga, shall we?

Ortho appt #1

Ortho appt #2

My first MRI

MRI results

Ortho appt #3

Starting physical therapy <—This one’s funny because I think my knee is getting better

Ending physical therapy

And now here we are. I had a follow-up with the ortho on Thursday and we discussed my progress so far. He still believes I have some instability in my knee which is causing my issues. We discussed how PT seemed to not really be helping and he gave me 2 options: get a cortisone injection (not ideal, but I have already exhausted other things) or he could refer me to someone else to see if they can find anything else going on.

I decided to go with the referral. I may ultimately end up getting a cortisone injection but I just feel like I’m not ready for that yet. I have an appointment with the new doctor on Monday and I’m interested to see what he says. I am still considering seeing a chiropractor and/or getting acupuncture as well. We’ll see!

Have a good day!

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