The Longest Ride


Just wanted to pop in and let you guys know how I’m doing physically these days, esp since my post yesterday did not do my bike ride justice!! So on Sunday, I rode my bike for over 45 minutes without any issues. I still have a small baseline knee pain but it didn’t stop me from riding. And more importantly, riding didn’t exacerbate the issue. Sometimes when I talk to people about what I’ve been through with my knee, I feel like they don’t understand the mental aspect of dealing with an injury. Maybe someone here understands what it’s like to be really active and … [Read more...]

Weekend Recap


So I really sucked at posting last week. Sorry about that. I had an epic meltdown on Wednesday involving my D paperwork (sorry, can’t even say the word), which culminated in a sheriff's deputy at the local courthouse telling me I should really think hard about it next time if I decide to ever get married again. Didn’t know I’d get such great life advice while walking through a metal detector. Good times. So yeah, it was one of those “please let me make it to Friday” weeks. Lots of naps and wine were involved. Thankfully, I had a relaxing weekend and it’s all good in … [Read more...]

Thank You & a To-Do List


I want to start this post by saying thank you to anyone who emailed me (or commented) on yesterday’s post. I have only written a few personal posts on this blog and I cringe every time I hit “publish”. But then I get the most thoughtful emails saying someone relates to what I have written, and I’m glad my post can somehow help someone else. It’s funny how we can relate to someone we don’t even know. So thanks for being awesome and letting me share parts of my life with you On to the main post now… I’m living in a new place and it’s a bit of a blank canvas. I’m not … [Read more...]

Thoughts on Life this Year


Hey guys! So last week, I asked you guys to submit topics that I could touch on in my new ‘Ask a Dietitian’ series. I actually got a few questions about my personal life… sometimes I forget that we read blogs and get a little curious/invested in someone’s life (I do it too). I still feel kind of weird writing this kind of stuff here for the internet  to read, but I also like being open and honest. I have been jotting down so many thoughts over the course of the past year, and I really hope there will be a time later on down the road when I can share these with … [Read more...]

Weekend Recap: Hiking, 5Church and OOT Visitor


Hey guys! Happy Monday. Hope you had a great weekend. Mine was so fun because my friend Allie came in town for her annual visit. She came in Friday evening and we stayed up late that night enjoying some prosecco and catching up on life. I immediately noticed that she had gotten an Erin Condren planner so we obviously had to take a pic of our planners together. On Saturday morning, we headed out to Morrow Mountain State Park to check out the hiking there. Uwharrie National Forest is also in that same general area, but I heard from some hiking friends that Morrow … [Read more...]