Grilling, Baked Apples and Closet Cleanout

Hey friends! Hope you had a great weekend!

Mine was low key since I’m trying to rest my knee as much as possible when I’m not at work. I did make it out to the local butcher and picked up about a month’s supply of meats, though!

This made for the perfect Saturday dinner.



Ribeyes with lemon orzo salad, greek artichoke salad and veggie kabobs on the grill.



I also made bulk batch of baked apples. Since I mostly use them as toppings these days (either on cottage cheese, greek yogurt, or oatmeal), I decided it would be better if I diced the apples first.


Can’t wait to eat them this week!

So yesterday, I completed the dreaded task of cleaning out my closet and switching all of my fall/winter clothes with my spring/summer clothes. Whenever I do this, I make it a point to go through everything and donate things I no longer wear. Here’s what I ended up with this season:


Not too bad. Now if I could just quit buying new clothes Smile

Before I sign off here, is anyone else dealing with little green worms right now? They are seriously everywhere in Charlotte and it’s freaking me out. I came inside from walking the dogs, looked at my scrubs, and immediately ran back outside.

 Sam Worms

There were a total of 6 worms on me. That is not okay.

Alrighty, well I’m off to my doctor for my 6-week post-op f/u and then I’m headed to work! Have a great day!

What did you do this weekend?

Is switching out your spring and winter clothes a monumental task?

Have you been attacked by worms this spring?!  


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