Our Labor Day Weekend

Also known as the weekend where we made 2 trips to the emergency vet.

Like I mentioned on Sunday, we took Lily to the e-vet on Friday. She had been urinating frequently (maybe once every 5 minutes?) and there was blood in her urine.

She was diagnosed with a UTI but there was a shadow in her bladder that could have been a clot or stone. We elected not to do an x-ray to find out what it was because it wouldn’t have changed the course of treatment that night. We started treating her with antibiotics and were told that her symptoms should clear up within 6-12 hours. If it was a stone then her symptoms would reappear once she finished her antibiotics (in 10 days), in which case we would then need to follow up with our regular vet.

Lily Collage 9.1.14

Well, flash forward to Sunday morning… things were not better. We talked to the e-vet and they recommended that we bring her back in. After 4 hours and an x-ray, we didn’t really find out anything new. No stones showed up on the x-ray but the vet told us that only 50% of them do (…something we would have appreciated being told *before* we got the x-ray).  There were a ton of tests we could have run to rule more things out but those are so much more expensive at the e-vet and again, they wouldn’t have changed the course of treatment for that weekend. The vet talked to us a little bit about renal disease and bladder cancer but really we just need to follow up with our regular vet if her symptoms don’t improve.

So we decided for now to just treat this as a bad UTI that is taking a long time to clear up, and follow up with our vet tomorrow if she still isn’t better. Lily hadn’t been drinking well so they gave her some fluids, and we got some more valium to make her comfortable.

Lily 9.1.14

While I was at the vet, I missed out on a cookout my family was having out of town Sad smile I was bummed because my brother was there, whom I never get to see because he lives in Northern VA. I did head to my mom’s house after the vet, but things had pretty much wrapped up and most people were leaving when I get there. I did get to briefly see everyone, though, so that was good.

The things we do for our furry fam….

Sam & Lily

Yesterday, Lily seemed to be doing a lot better (although we expected that with the valium) so we decided to stick with our original plans for the afternoon and headed to uptown. We had gotten tickets through work to see the Charlotte Knights play their last game of the season at the new BB&T stadium!


Sam Knights Game




The food was great and we had a good time. I’m pretty sure K was in heaven…


We will definitely have to make it out to some more home games next season Smile

How was your labor day? Did you do anything fun?

Have a great day!

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